Causes Of Criminal Behavior

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There has always been a curiosity of what causes an individual to become a criminal. Determining what the cause of criminality is, is still not clear. There is still a debate if crime is caused biologically, socially, or environmentally. I would like to start my argument with that criminal behavior is not biologically determined. For criminal behavior to be biologically determined the person would have to have a mental illness that causes them to commit violent crimes. “To get a full understanding of genes and how the environment influences criminal behavior, you must know the definition of criminal behavior. Law is defined by societal and legal institutions in our society, not in sciences. Therefore, determining criminal behavior can range…show more content…
These traits and disorders can be noticed in children. Therefore, it’s logical to discuss the personality disorders that first appear in childhood. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Conduct Disorder (CD), and Oppositional Defiance Disorder (ODD), are the disorders that have been shown to appear later in adult behavior. ODD is characterized by argumentativeness, noncompliance, and irritability, which is found in early childhood. When a child with ODD gets older, the characteristics of their behavior starts to change and often gets worse later on. They start to lie, steal, vandalize, substance abuse, and show aggression towards peer. ODD is the first disorder that is identified in children and can lead to the diagnosis of CD. It is important to keep up with the behaviors. However, not all children who have ODD will develop…show more content…
Genetics can only go so far and the environment shapes a child's mind after the child has been born. If society is not aware of the environment to raise their kids in, it could lead to danger to the children since they adapt criminal behaviors which are harder to shape in the future. “Financially unstable families, child abuse, and neglect are related with criminal behavior. Environment is important for a child to grow and develop into a normal, prospering adult. Without proper nurturance, guidance, and support, no child, will learn coping strategies, learn life skills, or grow up with the sense of right and wrong, and respect other people”(Chambliss). “Whether, its male or female, growing up in an environment in which they are beaten or neglected is going to cause serious traumatic repercussions. The aggressive tendencies in males lead them to become more aggressive in adulthood, which is why they are more prone to commit violent crimes. Yet women have been known to commit violent crimes, regardless of the prevalence relative to males, women are just as capable of criminal behavior”

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