Essay On Criminal Justice Social Work

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This paper goes over the Fields of Practice Paper on Criminal/Juvenile justice system, which is when a social worker deals within the criminal justice system. There are multiple fields of practice when it comes to a social worker’s job. I am focusing on the jobs of a criminal justice social worker. Social workers not just criminal justice social workers also have multiple roles that they need to use to help them with clients. There are multiple organizations for social workers in general, but there is only one currently for forensic/criminal justice social workers. So, when they need help they have to be able to do research to help their clients to achieve goals.
These social workers deal with people doing jail time or who have recently been released from jail. They also deal with kids who have been or currently in a youth detention center, or at risk of going to one. When a person first enters the jail, the social worker is there for support and to evaluate the person on where they should be put within the jail.
Criminal justice social workers deal with many issues not just from dealing and working with clients, they deal with a massive amount of paperwork. There are also social issues that clients must deal with the stigma around them.

When it comes
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One of the roles is about being a broker, a broker is “a social work role in which the social worker aids the client in obtaining resources.” (Berg-Weger, 2016). Being a broker, you must find the right programs for each individual client, so if they have an alcohol problem they need to go to an alcoholics anonymous meeting. Also working as a criminal justice social worker, somebody who is doing jail time there are groups inside jail, where they can get an education or just to help them cope with being in
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