Essay On Criminal Justice System

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The Criminal Justice System The United States of America’s criminal justice system has many factors. It is not just one large system, rather a bunch of individual agencies that all share a similar purpose. The criminal justice system’s job and goal is to control crime and issue punishments on those who break the law. The criminal justice system in the US is split into two domains. The state which handles crimes within their specific state, and the Federal which handles crime on federal issues or crimes that occur in more than one state. The state and federal criminal justice system may have similar values, but it can be common for states to decide specific laws or punishments within their area. For example, the use of marijuana is up to state laws…show more content…
It is this agencies job to investigate crimes, arrest, give testimony, and many other factors in this part of the criminal justice process. To become an officer, many courses are available and must be taken in order to be recognized by the US. In North Carolina, to become a sheriff, a person is put in a probationary period of 12 months where the applicant must take criminal justice courses. Prosecution helps in the criminal justice system by defending the state or federal government in the court processes. The lawyers contribute to the criminal justice system by bargaining in court, questioning witnesses, and provide evidence that could help the case. This prosecution committee is very discreet, but can still give information on the case to the victim and/or person who is going against the state or federal government. Defense attorneys play their part in the criminal justice system by defending the accused in the court. They can be appointed to the case by the court if the accused cannot afford a lawyer, or they can be hired directly. They are used to the defendant 's
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