Essay On Criminal Media

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In today’s society, media coverage on events in our local communities, nationwide and worldwide play an influential part of everyday life. However, media coverage on criminal justice matters are both negative and positive influences in policy making in our country. Banks (2016) explains media coverage on crime gives a public thought to what causes crime and what is criminal. Media gives the message to legislators and policy makers considered as morally and socially acceptable in media.
Create an ethics policy for the media in handling the reporting of criminal justice issues and news
First, the ethics in policies for the media in the way it handles reporting criminal justice issues and news is that the media decides on what coverage of crime and criminal justice matters are to be covered. Second, the selection of
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Morality policies share common features that include the fact that they are driven by public opinion, media coverage, lobbying by interest groups, the political concerns of elected officials, and sometimes by ideology. As well, unlike other policy issues, morality policies are considered easy to understand and require no special expertise for opinions and views to be expressed (Banks, 2007).
Soroka, Lawler, Farnsworth & Young (2009) share that media plays a critical role in policymaking. The view of media matter in the early stages of policy making process which helps make an agenda and adopts and deals with politicians, policymakers and other actors. The impact of media is rarely so constrained, however. Many of the standard accounts of policymaking have a much too narrow view of the timing of media effects. That said, the ways in which mass media can matter are relatively well
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