Essay On Crisis Intervention Workers

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What might happen if you, as the crisis intervention worker, were not knowledgeable about these “invisible wounds”?
As a crisis intervention worker if I were not knowledgeable about “invisible wounds” I would reach out to some of my local organizing and get information from them to help educate me on Veterans. Military One Source is an excellent tool to use to get information and education as well. Military One Source is a free service which offers information as well as can be helpful for a crisis intervention worker to get information.

What special issues are raised by the families of veterans?
Issues that are raised by military families of veterans go through the second traumatization, “of spouses and children and interfere with effective
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Intervention strategies that are best suited for veterans when a social support from other soldiers, friends and family members. The family council will help strength the family bond and relationship satisfaction, and lower divorce rates than individual treatment. “Crisis counselors can refer clients to marital counselors or provide it themselves for increased treatment effectiveness” (Kanel 181).

What are some intervention strategies that would not work with this population, and why?
Intervention strategies that would not work with the military community is a soldier coming back from deployment and not getting the help he/she need to cope with PTSD. A person who suffers from this syndrome without treatment may suffer from withdrawal, problems with employment or difficult being around other people especially in crowds.

Hi, Darlene! When a soldier is deployed their children suffers the most in my opinion. Especially if the parent is an involved parent going games, school play and so much more. Darlene, I think teaching coping skills to the families is heading in the right direction. When the soldier returns, it’s a big adjustment for the entire family. Great
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