Essay On Critical Thinking In Nursing

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Critical thinking is an invaluable tool for nurse managers. These professionals make many important decisions on the job. Using critical thinking skills, nurse managers make relevant decisions quickly and produce positive patient outcomes in a fast-paced environment. Critical thinking is a developed habit that comprises several skills. Nurse managers can begin to learn these habits with self-evaluation and support from peers in the medical field. Challenges for Nurse Leaders Nurse managers create health work environments for caregivers and positive outcomes for patients. [1] A health work environment is a positive setting where caregivers feel engaged with their work and pursue growth opportunities. Positive patient outcomes result when staff…show more content…
Using the skill, nurse managers reduce caregiver fatigue and in turn improve patient outcomes. Critical thinking allows managers to handle caregiving issues with decisions that apply to each situation, avoiding mechanical decision-making based on experience. For each issue that arises, nurse managers quickly and accurately analyze facts and determine appropriate solutions. Habitual critical thinking allows leaders to act effectively in these situations. Therefore, nurse leaders continually educate themselves in critical thinking skills as well as job related…show more content…
[2] Critical thinking requires that managers evaluate how the approach problems. Eliminating personal biases helps managers make relevant decisions. When managers suspend judgment, they are open to concepts introduced from external sources. This quality promotes collaboration across disciplines. These individuals confront problems directly and investigate issues to discover valid solutions. By asking questions and gathering data, nurse managers cultivate information that allows them to make confidant, informed decisions. This habit helps nursing managers learn more about their organizations and overall trends in the medical

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