Essay On Critical Thinking Skills

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Developing reading, writing and critical thinking skills is central to university study.

Developing reading, writing and critical thinking skill is central to university study. This essay will define these three skills and discuss why it is central to everyday life in the university. Because University encourages independent learning it is vital that all these skills are worked on to do well in all academic work and other parts of university lives which involves interacting with others. It is also important to know that they all work hand in hand to make academic study easy. First you may ask yourself, what is critical thinking? The word itself may come out as being negative but it isn’t. Williams (2009) also proposes that being critical
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But initially when you start reading academic material or text it can become strenuous and difficult, especially when you are just starting college. Fairbairn and Fairbairn (2001) insist that Academic students must read in order to ‘’become and remain aware of their subject, to keep their knowledge and understanding up to date, and to check their work and ideas and research against those of their peers’’. Critical thinking helps form and improve the way we read. When reading critical will be faced to understand the writer’s point of view and interpretations, which can be quite a difficult task to do because different authors usually have different methods of writing. During university studies reading skills is essential for many purposes such as preparing for lectures, workshops and assessments. Critical reading is a skill that requires you to focus your attention on the most important part of a written text; however keeping other information into consideration. To be able to read critically you must be able to ask questions while you read which will keep you focused and help you develop and understand the text. Finally making notes while you read can develop your reading skills ‘’because it is when you make notes that your brain processes the information’’ (Williams,2009, pg.
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