Essay On Cross Cultural Relationships

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In accordance to the readings and lectures there is a variety of findings on cross-cultural relationships. There are differences and similarities in terms of mate selection, courtship patterns, form of marriage, and social interactions. Relationships for most people around the world is the most important part of their lives. But, how you interact with others differ significantly depending on the culture from which each person comes. Friendship is another way to relate with other people, the purpose of friendship is socialized and enculture within society. Friendships help people improve self-esteem and achieve individual psychological needs such as the growth of self-identity and improvement of feelings about self-worth. There are differences…show more content…
Approximately, 90% of people in all societies get married at least once in their lifetime. Across the world marriage is defined differently, even though there are some mutual principles across many societies. Marriage means “A more or less stable union, usually between two people, who may be, but are not necessarily, coresidential, sexually involved with each other, and procreative with each other” (Miller, 2008). Marriage is typically represented emblematically through ceremony, certificate, or symbols such as rings. For me, marriage is form of commitment and intimacy and passion between two persons. In my culture is important to marriage before having kids and form a…show more content…
In the western world marriage for love is an honestly new finding and this may be linked to individualistic orientation. Individuals in collectivistic cultures tend to place fewer importance on romantic love. There exist arranged marriages that are still practiced in some places like India, where arrangements may be made between families during a child’s infancy; viewed as an alliance between families and typically based on parents’ status and knowledge of other families. However, tendencies are changing even in nations where arranged marriage has been

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