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Our spine is one of the delicate organ of nervous system, as it protects the central nervous system of human body, as well as the main support for the body to stay upright. It comprises of small bones placed one over the other which provides flexibility for movement. The upper part of spine is terminated in the skull. This region where the spine is attached to the skull is called the cervical region or neck. Pain in the neck or cervical pain is one of the diseases that are found very often in the entire world. It can be cured or treated with various techniques including medicines, surgery, and physiotherapy, depending on the nature and severity of the pain. Decompression of cervical spine is one of techniques which is done through exercises…show more content…
Now lift up the knees slowly towards the chest with the hips going off the floor. Simultaneously lift your head also. Hold in this position for 15-20 seconds and get back to your initial position. Repeat the exercise for atleast 10-15 times and do at least three sets in a session. source: Equipment / Devices For Decompression At Home There are a numerous devices available in the market which can be used to decompress your cervical spine at home. Some of these are: Traction Device – Very useful device that improves blood circulation and releases pressure from the spine. Inversion Table – Very good device for decompression of spine. It uses your force of gravity coupled with the body weight to release the pressure on the spine. Foam Roller – Not a very scientific device but reasonably useful, especially in case of sciatica problem. Decompression While Asleep The way or posture of your body, especially the neck, while sleeping, is very important; rather critical in your endeavor to decompress your spine. So, select the correct pillow and mattress for your sleep time. The correct pillow is one that rests your neck without any stress on your cervical spine and keeps your body

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