Essay On Cultivation Theory

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Cultivation theory is when someone get affected by a technology that she or he overused it. We have chosen one of the oldest technologies, which is TV. It was the first device that people contribute with. If people believed that every content that was present through TV, then they would be in a situation where the truth will not be accepted. First of all, we have chosen a group of people to test the theory. Their ages were from 50-70 years old who are educated and uneducated. They live in Dubai and Umm AL-Quwain. Each one of us will interview 5 persons from both genders.

Our question is how do elderly Emiratis think that television effects them and their views of the world?. The first study of this theory was in the United States and we want to know how to apply this theory on oldest people to see if the TV affects those people or not either in a good or bad way. We are interested in understanding why oldest people believe that TV broadcast truthful information.
Literature Review:

Cultivation theory is what culture does in the society. Many people misunderstand
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Also, it is the main resource for other information for many people in individual and groups. According to literature review website, “Gerbner tested his research using comparisons of light to heavy television viewers and their perceptions of reality.” He and his associates found heavy television viewers are more likely to perceive the world as it was portrayed on television. In fact, heavy viewers had a tendency to view the world as a scarier place (Severin & Tankard, 1997)” (literature review). Which mean people, who likely watch TV for almost all day, they are more likely to believe that the word has a lot of violence and people would be scared from going outside because, the TV post and put that image in their
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