Essay On Cultural Awareness

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Promoting cultural awareness in the classrooms of today Argument Cultural awareness is the foundation of communication due to culture and language are deeply connected and intertwined. As English teachers, we must discern that teaching English as a foreign language implies also teaching a variety of cultures sharing that language. Thus, it involves the ability to immerse ourselves in the cultural diversity of today’s world. Currently, this cultural diversity is sometimes seen with a negative perspective both in and out of our classrooms. The most common features of a cultural identity such us religion, clothing and racial background are making learners, victims of negative attitudes, discrimination and prejudice. Consequently, it is now, more important than ever, to promote cultural awareness in our…show more content…
After given an introduction about the goals of the workshop and the concepts related to culture and Ecuadorian’s cultural groups, students will be asked to reflect upon their own cultural identities and traditions. Later, learners will receive a copy of the strategy and individually will record important biographical events using the strategy. Students will be asked to write about their ethnicity, language, origins, cultural traditions, cultural celebrations, aspects they like about their culture and difficulties they have faced because of it. Moreover, students must illustrate this information using pictures or drawings. There will be plenty of time and space for students to reflect deeply on their cultural knowledge. According to Stephanie Quappe and Giovanna Cantatore (2007), in the degrees of cultural awareness at this first level, students are in a “Parochial stage”, they are only aware of their way of doing things. At this stage, they ignore the impact of cultural differences within the class. Culture is
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