Essay On Cultural Capital

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Cultural capital gives a way for groups to gain a different status or to remain in a dominant group.Cultural capital,conceded cultivation and accomplishment by natural growth are topics that effect our education and society .Some families lack cultural capital which leads to accomplishment of natural growth. Families that have cultural capital leads to conceded cultivation. Families that lack cultural capital come from poorer families that do not have a lot of money which leads to accomplishment by natural growth. “Cultural capital is concentrated in the upper classes”. (Bourdieu 1984) So for Children that come from families that lack cultural capital generally tend to be put down more by their parents and are not payed attention too. Their…show more content…
For example in the video People Like Us the people in All You Need Is Cash the parents sign them up and start them in very elite programs from the time they are just born. The parents play a much more active role. The people in this elite society also have a lot of cultural capital. They show this by how the house are big,highly educated,sharks swimming in the pool. Those were a few of the things that they showed in the video about how cultural capital these people with money have. Having a lack of cultural capital and having cultural capital effects how students do in school and the educational opportunities they will receive. Students who lack cultural capital have a harder time in school. They tend not do their homework and not to care. They also have a hard time speaking up. Students who live in these poorer communities tend not to have very schools. For example their schools do not have a lot of resources, they do not get a lot of funding and the students tests scores are lower than average. For example in the reading Social Structure And Daily Life by Lareua (2011) She says “Still,it shares with other urban schools core limitations, such as teacher shortages,lower teacher
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