Cultural Considerations In Health Care

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Some cultures are extremely uncomfortable answering questions about about their bodies. Also, a lot do not like to have a male doctor touch them because it is not their husbands. There are ethnic issues, religious issues, and even family belief systems that come into play when dealing with a medical issue and we have to be aware and understanding at all times. There are some cultures that the male speaks for the female no matter if she is the one being seen. Also, other cultures and beliefs will determine how many children you will have.

Some of the cultural considerations a health worker has to be aware of when addressing issues related to the female reproductive system are like taboos, believes and practices. Norms, values,attitudes of the different cultures with their working. These are important to avoid when you do not want to offend the patient.
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Some cultures forbid talking about the reproductive system with other genders. Some cultures do not like western reproductive ideas. Alot of culturels see children as a sign of wealth as well as a blessing.Some examples are a female nurse should always be present if a male doctor is treating a female Muslim patient or a female nurse should be assigned.Some Muslin women may refuse to uncover some body parts or refuse to let them be
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