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Cultural criminology’s “framework is concerned with meaning, power and existential accounts of crime and punishment and control” (Hayward, 2016:300). Which allows cultural criminologist to study crime in the relation to culture and its impact on criminality. Cultural criminology believes it is always “necessary to state and restate what crime is, if nothing else a human activity” (Presdee, 2004:276). The commodification of culture relates to Cultural Criminology in the sense of the many faucets of crime and deviance and what is getting exploited through the media to the public. Commodification of crime is becoming more prevalent as time goes on as the media has such a large influence on society. However not all of it is true or being presented in the intended way. This essay…show more content…
There are many different modes of criminological thinking and two of those are Cultural criminology and administrative criminology. Both of these concepts are vastly different to each other which Mike Presdee delves into in Cultural Criminology: The long and winding road (2004). According to Presdee (2004), administrative criminology “denies and rejects the importance of culture and lived experience in the commission of crime, preferring instead to concentrate on the pseudo-scientific analysis of criminal behaviour” (Presdee, 2004:276). Administrative criminology has been fabricated as overdetermined descriptive criminology which is disconnected from any sort of social or human interaction. Whereas Cultural criminology has “learned that ‘theory must learn from life” (Presdee, 2004:277). Cultural criminology strives to do what

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