Indian Culture Vs American Culture

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Coming to the cultural differences between Americans and Indians, the Indians are very much family oriented and much respect is paid to family values. On the other side, Americans culture values individual values and is more prominent than the family values. Another difference is that American culture appreciates mobility while the Indian culture love stability. On the other side, Americans think of self-reliance and independence while Indians are more dependent on other. Lastly, Indians value elders’ views in the decision-making process while the American culture teaches people to make their own decisions. When it comes to work, Indians work with a need to satisfy their family needs while Americans striving to rise their own capacity or getting…show more content…
On the other side, ACME should have in mind that appointments should be done weeks before to make sure that they do not collide with the employees’ family plans which are more valued. Lastly, recognizing those differences will help ACME in the decision-making process considering Indians preferences.

United States and China

There are different perspectives from which cultures can be different or related. Looking at China and the United States, there are differences that can be looked at from different perspectives like social structure, confrontation, individualism and business relations. Starting from social structure, the Chinese’ structure is formal and hierarchical while that of the United States is loose and informal, individuals can reach out to any person they need to. This can affect the performance of the business done in China, if the first person in the hierarchy does not understand much about the business. In addition to that, proving a point in china, even in business is
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