Essay On Cultural Differences In Japan

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Thineash John When looking through the Japanese newspaper, I see some cultural differences. One differences is that the japan are holding enormous amounts of respect to each other. In the Chinese culture people are sensitive to another persons needs. This is a characteristic that unfortunately has fallen most in Canada places. Another cultural difference is Japanese politics. Politicians in japan are fast to resign due to making making errors, causing Japan to switch Prime Ministers. Examples currently two great political :Yuko Obuchi and Midori Matsushima resigned on the same day. But Canadians are not like that. Another difference is that Japanese people tend to have a lot of love for their country, and celebrate their…show more content…
Firstly the language, a lot of Italians know other languages including French, English and German. On the other hand most Canadian knows one language which is English. Secondly their religion is a guide to their lives, to improve their selves. Secondly In Italy you’ll find people who love food so much that it is a idol worship. They spend a lot of time amount of time talking about recipes, cooking, and eating. But in Canada people love food when their is a lot food quantity. They don’t really care what they’re eating as long as there is a lot. Another cultural difference is Feelings. Canadians keep all of their emotions until they eventually snap and lose their minds (often resulting in a angry and frustrated mode. On the other hand Italians cannot keep any of their emotions inside. And will tell it out. Italians interests is going cycling, ride , motorcycles, travel, go shopping, sports (soccer, skiing, swimming, tennis, etc.) and go to clubs This puts their center of its life. This is some what different what the Canadians do . The Italians care the issues that preoccupy one culture more important than the issues that preoccupy in an another because Italians change them selves day by day and improve their

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