Does Globalisation Pose A Threat To Cultural Diversity Essay

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Does globalisation pose a threat to cultural diversity? In order to answer the question we will have to define globalisation and cultural diversity, look at the background of the issue of globalisation affecting cultural diversity and look at examples in the real world that provides evidence of globalisation diminishing cultural diversity. Globalisation is people, nations, businesses and governments interacting and integrating by communicating via telephones, cellular phones, internet and social networks, international trade, investment and the sharing of technology. Cultural diversity is having a variation of culture. Culture is a set of norms that a society would define as being acceptable behaviour and what defines a culture is aspects such as social habits language, cuisine, entertainment, religion, music and art. Globalisation is perceived to be a new aspect in the world when in fact globalisation has been around throughout history. We know this because different people and cultures would trade with each other so you could say trade is the first falling domino leading to today’s globalisation. What led to the burst of globalisation we see today is man wanting to trade with more people and expand…show more content…
A vast amount of people are not speaking their native language and starting to adopt English as it is the language of opportunity and will allow people to get better jobs than the person that cannot speak English, in a way it can be seen as Darwin’s survival of the fittest. Now that people don’t speak their native language it starts to die out. Examples are languages such as Manx and Panamanian Creole English. There are 3,524 languages at risk and 150 critically at risk of becoming extinct according to Bloxham (2010). There are economic and social pressures against languages which is caused by globalisation. People start to believe that their native language is not suited for modern world (Harrison,
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