Essay On Cultural Diversity In South Africa

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Building on the above argument, there is too many internationally-produced films in South African cinemas (Oberholzer, 2006); but on the other hand, South Africa prides itself on cultural and ethnic diversity. This raises a number of important questions; is it not the time for South Africa to consider using this diversity to compete against this dominance? Should South African filmmakers not be considering locating their stories within this diversity and tell stories that are reflecting the demographics of the country? I tend to focus on these questions as my central points to buttress my argument to understanding the effectiveness that the indigenous and other local cultural aspects of South Africa can add to the local film industry in competing against the industry that is predominantly modelled on templates of international filmmaking.…show more content…
Elelwani is continuing this rejection of the distorted black history. The film focuses on the idea of arranged marriage. But instead of nullifying it as the West would, the film celebrates it. Everything that the white colonialists victimised and rejected in Africa – culture, traditional healers, traditional attires, and African marriage practices – the film celebrates them. In this regard, I will argue that Wa Luruli joins some of the African filmmakers who have embarked on a journey to correct the colonial damages – lack of identity and a sense of no belonging - that the whites left on the people of this
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