Cultural Hegemony Essay

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With the esteemed elections of the Philippines, campaigns are non-stopped as the Election Day pushes through. With the ever warming welcome of political candidates to its constituents, the clashing struggle to win a seat in the government is evidently difficult to achieve, as money and time is consumed. With that, candidates need the recognition to be applauded by the many, not only by name but also in the networks or organizations that people are accustomed to and are part of. At one phase, political behaviour in the Philippines appears to be motivated through group affiliation, which shows that Filipinos are far more confident in a larger group like, for instance, the People Power (Chiongbian & Monteil, 1991, p. 773). Likely, the association of which people are closes regarded can be way to acquire such votes. In terms of this organization’s influence, this can be also considered as a powerhouse of electoral votes as it is composed of men and women. Under…show more content…
Hegemony is a certain metaphysical force or concept turned to a widely accepted idea/ideology which in turn controls man (Bates, 1975, p. 351). In a way, hegemony is a term or concept given meaning by either an influential person or people which enables the fruition of an ideology to be eventually accepted by man, or at least the majority. The theory of Cultural Hegemony gives an explanation as to how ideologies are established, who establishes them, and why it is possible that people accept them (Bates, 1975, p. 353). In relation to the paper’s study, the researchers aimed to establish a connection as to how ideology, presumed to be established by the hierarchy within the Iglesia ni Cristo, allows the control and dictation of said policies such as bloc voting. In so doing, the researchers looked into the dictation of who to vote as per indication by the Executive Minister and sanggunian, but more so the
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