Cultural Influences On My Cultural Identity

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In my life, I had various cultural and social factors that have greatly influenced my cultural identity. Cultural customs, expectations, and beliefs have impacted my deep culture. These deep cultural impacts are implemented in my life and they stand for what I believe in. My surface culture consists of multiple factors who describe who I am as a person that can be easily seen by others. My preferences, dislikes, and who I am as a person were heavily influenced by my cultural settings and environments. All of these factors contribute to who I am as a person, surface culture, and what I stand for and what I believe in, deep culture, in which all together create my cultural identity.
Various surface culture factors represent who I am as an individual.
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In elementary all throughout middle school, I detested all sorts of reading. I use to think that reading was for boring individuals that liked to read for fun. Once I attended high school, I discovered movies that were based on novels, not wanting to wait for the second movie to come out I decided to read all of the books in the series and was instantly hooked. I read all of the series that were popular at the time such as The Hunger Games, Twilight, The Maze Runner, and Harry Potter. Once reading all the popular series, I slowly transitioned to romantic and non-fiction genres. My appreciation and love for literature keep growing every single day. The seventh surface aspect is my enjoyment for dance. Even though I did not dance competitively or professionally, I enjoy dancing at any social gathering that I encounter. I absolutely love to dance to line dances but I also like to dance to country, salsa, bachata, and any other dance style that you can possibly think of. When I was young, I can vividly remember my parents dancing to romantic songs in the kitchen while my mother prepared our meals. If my mother was too busy in the kitchen my father grabbed my hand and spun me around to the rhythm of the music. My parents were the main influencers towards my dance upbringing, for which I am grateful for. Another surface aspect is my dislike for all sports. For some reason, sports do not gravitate to my attention, unlike my family who enjoys watching soccer and football. I tried to play basketball and soccer in middle school but I did not enjoy playing or watching the sport at all. My family plays the sport and they are extremely good at it but on the other hand, there is me who dislikes all different sports. Unlike sports, I enjoy spending my time outdoors with my family. Growing up as the only girl in the family I picked up hobbies that my brothers loved to do. One of their
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