Essay On Cultural Racism

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As biological racism began to dissolve scholars established several new terms which have helped to illustrate and analyse new racial ideologies and theories, one of which is cultural racism. Cultural racism emerged with the influx of Third World immigrants to Europe after World War II. It seemed that this new ideology would maintain the concept of cultural differences without explicitly stating that some ethnic groups or cultures were better than others. However, considering that differences in ethnicity are often illustrated as incompatible, this can be linked to the view that contrasting ethnic groups should live separately. (Stolcke, 1995) believed this was true as he stated that “Cultures are equal but incompatible, so on ‘our’ territory…show more content…
Doubtless this has a lot to do with the criminal image that migrants have, the fact that they are essentially forced to resort to ‘criminal’ actions in order to escape from war, persecution and poverty. It is government’s immigration policies which are stopping these people entering their countries based on cultural assumptions that these people may not assimilate into their cultures and societies and that will increase the unemployment rate and consequently rely on social benefits provided by the government. France has been one of the countries with the most severe immigration policies as cultural racism is clearly prominent throughout the political and public spheres e.g. ban on Islamic head coverings. France has millions of immigrants and on a regular basis they are faced with random ID checks regulated by the police and sometimes riot police. These checks are ‘random’ yet are generally conducted on the basis of the persons clothing, language they are speaking and are often held in areas of common migrant inhabitancy. It has been noted that it is groups of Algerians, Moroccans and Tunisians who are targeted by these ‘random’ checks (Cosgrove, 2010). Seemingly here we could consider this a blatant case of cultural racism which is subsequently creating criminals out of those
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