Essay On Cultural Resistance

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In the contemporary time period needs to understand the politics of resistance by the idea that agents stand ‘counter to’ relations of power. In the polanyian tradition, for example, the ‘counter to’ relates with necessary uprising changes against the self- regulating markets. As I have argued elsewhere, these traditions significantly underplay the ambiguities and contradictions of subject positions within the interplay of power and resistance (Amoore and Langley 2004; Amoore 2005). The tendency to oppose power/ resistance leads to drive to seek to resolve such contradictions and concealment of difficulties at the heart of political life. The cultural resistance that is commonly relates with cultural creativity and cultural occupations, and both are the field of culture that exists in a…show more content…
Freed from the limits and restraints of dominant culture, one can experiment with new ways of seeing and being and develop tools and resources for resistance. The new ideas and skills, confidence and comrades cultural resistance works as a kind of stepping stone into political activity. Cultural resistance can be part of politics of space. Politics is often considered essentially a cultural discourse, a shared set of symbols and meanings. The practice of the term has extended from processes to organizations, cultural communities and to individuals. The emergent interpretation of the cultural space is a combination of the integrity of a subject. It is easy to imagine how such type of integrity of subjects mold and remold the different motion of city space. In contemporary time the resistance is readily visible in the form of reinvent and regenerated traditional cultural. Resistance here is interpreting as conservation of different cultural communities and archiving, training for artists, cultural education centers, and both for indigenous people and cultural
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