Globalization's Negative Effects On Local Cultures

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Cultural exchange is common in today’s world due to globalization. The advance of the internet and the transportation make the world a global village. People can communicate and exchange ideas easily. However, some people may think that globalization have a negative effect on the world’s cultural diversity because of cultural imperialism. Nowadays, there is a term called Americanization, the US promotes its ideas and values such as freedom and democracy through popular culture and the media. People start to believe that American culture is ruling the world. In fact, globalization is a double-edged sword. On the one hand it may harm local cultures, on the other hand, it may also promote cultural diversity.

In this newspaper article “Cultural diversity helps broaden student perspectives”, the writer introduce the Richard levy School of Business in Hong Kong. Many of students in this school are commuters, who are come from Macau, Taipei,
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Due to the really different backgrounds and cultures among us, some people may think that they should protect their own cultures so that they do not listen to others’ opinions. This is normal phenomenon because nobody wants their culture being offended. If we cannot properly deal with cultural diversity, it may influence the relationship and trust building among people. Additionally, if we visit to other countries, it is better to respect and follow their cultural norms and rules so that we will not give a bad image or impression to the local people. Otherwise, it may cause conflicts between people which is not good for promoting cultural diversity. When we are exchanging ideas, instead of being prejudiced by first impression or judging others, we should accept the differences and be kind to everyone. If we suppose that our cultures are superior to others’, it only shows your ignorance because you are not that important and
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