Culture And Language Essay

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Abderrahmane BUKCHAB

Issue of Culture and Language

English, nowadays, is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world alongside with standard Mandarin, Putonghua, the official language of the People?s Republic of China and few other languages. It is a vehicle for those who aspire to achieve their aims in different fields. So, we can say that learning English is a necessity. Nevertheless, while learning any language, in our case learning English, we learn the different cultures associated with it, which may help us to increase our knowledge of the language. Although some people oppose to the idea and consider it as a cultural imperialism, teaching American or British culture in ELT help students
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Learners have control over their learning. This can be enhanced via giving learners? the chance to make decisions and carry out the language in their daily lives. Relating English to the socio-cultural context of learners can also help making learning more effective without diminishing their cultures and identities. English should be used as a bridge to link between cultures not as a tool to suggest that learners? cultures are inferior compared to the American or the British culture. To avoid such confusion the teacher should not impose him/herself as superior to the learners nor indicate the superiority of English in any way. In fact teachers of English should be objective in teaching the language along with its cultural load, the focus should always be on the learners and their identities. Relating English to the daily lives of learners can help increase their chances of understanding the language and its use; this can be achieved simply by giving them real-life situations to interact in. the values, beliefs, and principles learnt from the cultural context of the English language should not be represented to learners as ideal and superior to their own. Teachers can ask the learners to compare between the two cultures and express their opinions which will definitely encourage the values of respect and
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