Max Horkheimer And Theodor Adorno's Culture Industry

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PARAPHRASING ASSIGNMENT INTRODCTION Max Horkheimer and Theodor Adorno introduced the culture industry in 1944 at the Frankfurt school (Adorno and Horkheimer 1944:31). When we compare ourselves with people who are oppressed, whilst we have democracy, we than turn to think that we are better, and this kind of thinking is the driving force behind culture industry. The culture industry is the normalisation and the wrong isolation of items in our society, and the manner in which those items are measured. People have been normalised as companies tends to produce items which are seemingly what we crave for. In this case companies are responsible in the creation of our desires. We can no longer separate what is really happening from what we see in movies (Adorno and Horkheimer 1944:35). Covered in the this assignment is the explanation of…show more content…
Alienation from the product is where people are engaged in a lot of mass production but in a capitalist system the labourer is assigned a very specific or specialised task. Unlike in the culture industry where people own the product, in alienation they work to make a product they don’t own for the people to consume and make the maximum amount of profit. The 2 | P a g e idea in culture industry is to create products for people to consume and not for them to make maximum profits. And again in alienation the capitalist collects all the profits and doesn’t really care about the product (Bronner 2011:40). According to Marx reification is used to explain a kind of awareness in the society in which people’s relation to one another is identified with the possessions one possess. A product in reification is a magical thing as men’s labour is seen in the type of products they have. The products of labour becomes the products (Bronner 2011). In culture industry the culture is uniform, and the products are produced to be the
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