Essay On Curley In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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Humans are a genuinely perplexing and baffling species. Someone may glance at a person and think they may be incredible, but associate with them and one may discover the person is atrocious. In the book Of Mice and Men, Curley is approached as the calamity of the ranch. He is analyzed as a racist, mean, and sexist man. Notwithstanding, he has had controversy with almost everyone on the ranch. He abused Lennie, a mentally disabled man, he publicly exposes his and his wife’s sexual lives, and he treats his wife as if she is his slave. Moreover, the actions Curley has done are corrupt, but they are not solely because he is an abominable person. An infrequent amount of readers will look at Curley’s actions and have sympathy for him, but Curley has reasons for his mistakes. Nevertheless, Curley is a disastrous man due to the way he grew up being an only child, he is astoundingly short, his father is a wealthy ranch owner, and he grew up in a racist and sexist community. We can assume Curley is the only child of his father. Developing, he only had him to entertain himself with. Accordingly, Curley is a undoubtedly an independent man, who acts as if he is a champion. Loneliness compels oneself to feel forgotten, and Curley does not want to feel forgotten. The way he is so violent is not a fault of his own, he never had anyone to tell him he is not required to be perfect. Conversely, now that people are around, he does not want to show his childhood loneliness. He tries to…show more content…
The children who grow up with a disheveled life is in the result of having almost no supervision and affection. Curley’s father is the owner of the ranch that he works upon. Therefore, Curley acts inappropriately due to the lack of attention given by his father. In the result of his father’s negligence, Curley does not treat people with hospitality and that is why people find him unsettling. In the text it
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