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If you have an infant child and are in the process of getting divorced and determining custody arrangements, it is vital that you understand that that custodial time with infants is different than custodial time with older children. In order to establish a bond with your infant child, it is vital that you get a lot of face time with your child. Infants establish connections through frequent face-to-face contact with the adults taking care of them. If you have a positive relationship with the other parent, it is vital that you make a visitation schedule that is based on the developmental needs of your baby. Here are three things to keep in mind while developing your custody and visitation schedule.

#1 Forget About The Every Other Weekend Schedule

The first thing you need to do is through out the idea that an every other weekend schedule is the best way to go. The every other weekend schedule was designed with older children in mind who are well-past infancy. It was designed to accommodate school schedules and routines that infants do not have. Do not fall into the default
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During the first month of a child's life, according to research, the non-custodial parent should see their child for one to two hours one to two times per day. For the second and third month of the child's life, they should spend at least three hours with the non-custodial parent. For months four, five and six, the amount of time should increase to four hours a day with the non-custodial parent. From six months through a year, the infant should now be able to at least two whole days with the non-custodial parent if being breastfeed, and overnight visits if the child is being bottle feed. For the toddler years, a couple of overnight visits every two weeks should be arranged, as well as a few short visits during the day in between these

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