Essay On Customer Satisfaction In Hotel Industry

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The hotel industry has been recognized as a pillar in the Mauritian industry in the last two decades, demand for and supply of hospitality services beyond that of traditional services intended for customers have escalated the growth of the hospitality industry globally, leading to intense competition in the market place. Competition has major implications for the customer, providing increased choice, greater value for money- at lower prices and increased levels of service.
Additionally, there is little to distinguish one hotel’s product and services from another, except if the differentiation criteria are based on the hotel stars. Thus it has become imperative for any hotel organization in Mauritius to gain a competitive advantage over its competitors. One such way is by providing unique benefits and good service to customers so that
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It is the strategic implications of customer’s satisfaction in the hotel industry that the project seeks to look into and how to seek improvement for the hospitality industry.
1. What is the implication of customer satisfaction in the tourism sector?
2. What is the potential of the Tourism sector in building long-term relationship with its customers?
3. What are the techniques and tools used by the Mauritian hospitality industry to improve customer satisfaction?
4. What is the impact of service quality in achieving customer satisfaction and deriving competitive advantage?
5. To identify who are the customers and their views on Mauritian service.
6. To know what factors attract customers to Mauritius.
7. To identify innovative ways to further promote the Mauritian tourism industry.
8. To report and assess the expected and perceived quality of the Mauritian hospitality

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