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The implementation of National Agriculture Policy III in 1998 had promoted floriculture, which involved cultivation of ornamental and flowering plants, to become one of the most potential industries in Malaysia (Hamir et al., 2008). Growing demands from both domestic and international markets, along with profitable returns, has driven an improved industrial production of flowers, especially the cut flowers. Chong (2007) stated that the increased demands for cut flowers mainly caused by changes in the consumption patterns. He added that despite being occasionally purchased only on special events, cut flowers had already become regular gifts items and chosen as decorative items in residences and workplaces. Cut flower is any flower that is cut when it starts to blossom or when it is still in flower buds to be used as decorative items or as a gift (Reid and Evans, 1986). There are two types of cut flowers, which include fresh cut flowers and…show more content…
Sucrose that is generally produced during photosynthesis is added to cut flowers as a source of energy. Reid and Wu (1992) added that sucrose also hinders the production of ethylene, thus slowing down the floral senescence. Even so, floral senescence can be accelerated in unfavourable environments such as bacterial infection, water shortage, carbohydrates deficit and extreme transpiration (Borohov et al., 1976). This experiment is conducted to study the flower longevity of three different cut flowers in five different holding solutions, which consist of tap water and different concentrations of sucrose solutions mixed with vinegar. The number of days taken for roses, orchids and chrysanthemums to wilt is recorded as flower longevity. The concentrations of sucrose solutions used in this experiment are of 0%, 5%, 10% and 15%. METHODOLOGY (3M –

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