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CVTC Scholarship Essay 1
Why did you choose your field of study? What are your goals for the field of study you are pursuing?
I choose the social work field as my focus in life. After years of working in retail for years after high school with the pressure of finding a career after taking a look at myself, I knew my greatest strength that I have that is my compassion for people of walks of life and helping them any way I can. Having compassion for those that are needed to help in dire situations gives me happiness, not just for myself but satisfaction for society. I learned over the years that people cannot make it on their own, and a helping hand is better than no hand at all. Growing up with a special need brother, I saw firsthand how the social system works and how it can benefit those in need. Having experience with social work the people that influence me has been my mother knowing that she could not do it alone in raising a child that would need 24hour care. In the field of social work, I am aware that there is a skill to make a placement for choosing of caretakers. Over the 29 years, I have
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My hard work is paying off already has my grade point average is the highest it has ever had in my academic career. Being the age of 30 and being in the real world for 12 years, I know not to take second chances for granted. I am doing this on my own I have no financial support than financial aid. As I have three jobs, and I would like to cut back on a job to focus more on my studies. My jobs, take care of bills and helping my mother out. I will apply for grants as well. I would like to be helped out with expenses my primary goal is to take 12 credit class till I get my degree, needing help for books, tuition, and fees. Room and board, as my family is moving and I am too invested in school, to leave I would need to get a place to keep on going to
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