Essay On Cyber Bullying In Hong Kong

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Cyber bullying, a term first introduced by Bill Belsey, is defined as "the use of information and communication technologies to support deliberate, repeated, and hostile behaviour by an individual or group, which is intended to harm others." (Belsey, 1999) Cyber bullying is a serious phenomenon in Hong Kong, a research done by the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups in 2010, revealed that approximately 30.2% of the interviewed Hong Kong secondary school students had been cyber bullied (Ngai & Chan, 2010). Despite the seriousness of cyber bullying, there are none cyber bullying related laws currently in Hong Kong. Although there might be obstructions of criminalising cyber bullying, the benefits of doing so are still greater than the costs.…show more content…
According to Law (n.d.), an act that offends the fundamental morals of the people is defined as a crime. Many researches indicated victims of cyber bullying suffered from being mistreated, exploited, and personally humiliated, which can lead to depression, anxiety and stress-related disorders. They are at greater risk of suffering from suicidal thoughts, attempts and completed suicides. As Law (n.d.) points out, no behaviour or conduct should be considered criminal unless it results in a serious threat to society and cannot be dealt with by other means. Under this condition, cyber bullying, which brings enormous harm to individual victims and to the society, is definitely sufficient to be criminalise. Some may think cyber bullying is not as harmful as face-to-face bullying, as it will not leave physical hurt to victims. The act of physical assault withholds a more dominant and negative response within society. However, the intention to hurt and the feelings of helplessness are equally applicable to cyber bullying and face-to-face bullying. There are evidences can prove that the long term negative effects of cyber bullying may even exceeds that of face-to-face bullying. Therefore, cyber bullying should be criminalised and offenders should be

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