Essay On Cyber Law

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As the time people nowadays mostly used and get close enough with the technology as their daily routine of work and daily life. However, the use of computers will lead to the cybercrime. Cybercrime can be relate to the computers, IT and the Internet technology. Cyber world is known for its unlimited space and boundaries. Talk about cyber world, it is must have a violation that we will face it. Consequently in our country, cyber world become an ocean of information that enables people to share, communicate, and make business, making friends including creating opportunities to commit crimes and taking advantage of people openness in sharing data and information about themselves by those predators looking for victims in the cyber world. Regulating behaviour is never easy despite the existence of laws and regulations and one of the most difficult challenges is that technology are often too fast developed for the law to catch up.

Talk about available laws, have a lot of violation that will impact to us in our daily life
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This is an important step in order to promote and create a positive and progressive development of cyber activities in Malaysia that will benefit both the country and citizen at all age. The term of ethics refers to the rules and standards governing the conduct of legitimate or individual mistakes and it defines what is good for the individual and society and establish the nature of the task that owe themselves and each other. A new kind of ethics known as computer ethics has emerged led to the creation of computer code of ethics that may have the effect of binding professional especially if it is part of the code of ethics and procedures. Violation of laws may include violation of computer ethics but violation of computer ethics may not be necessarily amount to violation of the laws in some
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