Essay On Cyberbullying Is Dangerous

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Cyberbullying: The Epidemic That Needs More Attention Bullying is a tactic that has been used by man kind for as long as there has been history. People bully each other for power, status or an objective. Thanks to the birth of social media bullying has made its way to cyberspace and runs ramped throughout the internet. It ruins friendships, careers and even takes lives, however; the topic seems to be off the radar to most. Some see it as internet “trolls” trying give people a hard time, but, that’s not entirely true. Modern society needs to understand the weight of the cyberbullying issue and realize its more prevalent and harmful than it seems. In the article “Cyberbullying is Dangerous,” Suzann Phillips emphasizes the dangers of cyberbullying and its effects on the youth. She starts out by telling the story of…show more content…
Now more than ever teens are sharing nude content with each other leading to abuse and threats. The sexting number for those under 18 has dropped due to the increase in child pornography charges and sex offender labels, however; most youth have been involved in sexting one way or another. Nude photos and videos are spread around high schools and colleges at alarming rates, which could lead to cyberbullying or blackmailing. A problem is that many don’t take sexting seriously. They only seem to take it seriously when it happens to them or is posted online. In the Article “Cyberbullying Has a Broader Impact than Traditional Bullying,” Yalda T. Uhls reports that online harassment can be much more effective than regular bullying. The anonymity of the internet could potentially be the most dangerous aspect of online harassment. A bully can hide behind the protection of a screen and the victim would never know that they could be peers. This gives an empowerment to the
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