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Title: Cybercrime is on a rise in UAE Part1: Introduction Crime is a popular issue that we always heard in this globalization era. It refers to any violation of law or the commission of an act forbidden by law. It can contribute to negative impact in term of social and economic development. Nowadays, there are a lot of crimes which increase around the world; United Arab Emirates is one of the countries at risk of these issues. One of these types is the cybercrime as; people want to keep up with technology and modern life. This matter in increase day by day as every day we hear from the news, newspaper and social media, there's a huge number of people who are victims cybercrime. Brenner (2010) in Cybercrime: Criminal Threats from Cyberspace book state, this type of crimes found in 21-century after the development and globalization because people used technology, but they don't have enough information and not aware about this issue. In addition, Cybercrime is the type of criminal crime which is punishable by law and it means that Using technology resources. Such as, the internet for committing serious crimes such as, deception, fraud, theft, copyright violations and extortion through online stalking, harassment, defamation, and invasion of privacy. Moreover, The cybercrime divided into three divisions, the first division is crimes…show more content…
Cyber criminals use technology like internet to commit crimes such as, fraud, trafficking, extortion, and sexual harassment of children. United Arab Emirates is one of the countries under the threat of this problem us it affected negatively in the economy and society due to financial losses. I would like to raise awareness among people and maintain our community through this research. In addition, UAE takes a strong action to fight this issue by establishing the authority defends victims of cybercrime and punishes Piracy on the web by setting a

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