Essay On Cyrano De Bergerac Vs Roxanne

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“...A large nose indicates an affable soul, one kind and courteous, liberal, and brave, just like myself” (Rostand 27). The play Cyrano de Bergerac and the film Roxanne are relatable. Since the time change between the two is around 100 years, some scenes have been altered to fit the time period throughout Roxanne. Although there is a large gap in time, the two have a few parallel scenes in common. Time has a big effect on the way things are portrayed or the actions of people. One of the first scenes that are affected by the time difference was in the first few minutes. In the play Cyrano de Bergerac, Cyrano gets made fun of for his enormously large nose in a theater. In this scenario a Bore is stunned about the size of Cyrano’s nose, so he gives the Bore a few examples of what he could’ve said in a witty form instead of just staring. However, in the film Roxanne it’s different because of the year difference the two were produced. Since in 1897 a common hangout or gathering place was a theater, the scene took place there. When Roxanne came out in 1987 the common hangout…show more content…
At the end of Cyrano de Bergerac Cyrano dies because a stranger dropped a large piece of wood on his head while Cyrano was walking underneath. This scene is also based on the idea of romanticism. The idea that everyone dies and the two lovers don’t have a happy ending, which in this case is Cyrano and Roxane. In the movie, however, at the end, Cyrano and Roxane have a happy ending. Roxane tells Cyrano she “loves his nose(Schepisi)” and after they kiss. Kissing in 1897 was considered very scandalous but the time the movie was produced it was a normal thing to do. This scene of the two lovers also is based on the idea of realism. The time difference also affected these two scenes and the actions the people take. Also, the time difference affected the whole ending of either the movie and
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