Cytotoxic Drugs Research Paper

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1.0 Introduction
What are cytotoxic drugs? Cytotoxic drugs are used in health care settings primarily as anti-cancer drugs due to their toxicity towards cells, in some cases, it is used to treat skin conditions such as psoriasis. Cytotoxic drugs have shown the ability to cause elevation of the sister chromatid exchanges and chromosome breakage in circulating lymphocyte and mutagenic activity in urine. [1] Many of these drugs have been shown to cause a wide range of effects in humans such as death of the tissues which is known as necrosis, after surface contact with abraded skin or damage to normal skin. [1]
Cytotoxic drugs are used in wide range of settings including: hospitals, specialist oncology units, hospices and even domestic homes,
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Preparation of drugs ii. Administration of the drugs iii. Handling the waste of patients that are undergoing antineoplastic therapy iv. Transportation and waste disposal
Inadequate control measures can lead to symptoms such as abdominal pain, contact dermatitis, foetal loss in pregnant women, alteration to the normal blood cell count, and mutagenic activity or mutagens forming. Hence, an administration of cytotoxic drug should not be offered until effective control measures can be provided. Following measures that need to be considered:
i. Cytotoxic drugs are being supplied in pre-prepared doses. ii. Appropriate labelled, packaged and ready for administration iii. Cytotoxic spill kits that are readily
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Proper verbal and written instructions should be prepared along with 24 hours contact numbers. Full copies of relevant protocols and SOP along with ready contact to oncology specialist are accessible to all of pharmacists that are involved in dispensing. Oral chemotherapy are supplied in blister or foil packed tablets or capsules, and should not be handled directly. To prevent local irritation to the oral cavity, oral chemotherapy should not be chewed and should be swallowed whole. Tablets should not be cut or crushed unless specified by prescriber. Before administration to the patient in wards or clinics, oral cytotoxic drugs should be dispensed on to a disposable medication pot and it should be discarded as clinical waste. Counselling and educating patients on medication spoons, syringes, and cups for oral chemotherapy only and not for other purposes. It should be washed clean and safely disposed between doses.

3.2 Topical
While applying cytotoxic topical product, wearing gloves and using cotton bud instead of using direct hand is important to protect the normal skin. Washing vigorously of the administered area should be avoided as it might spread to other parts of skin, or maybe clothing that may affect the patient, or even other people. Information of their medication should be known to the patient, so that they are aware of the possible danger to their families and

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