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D Day’s impact on our History
Over 425,000 Allied and German troops killed. United Kingdom, Canada and the US versus Germany. Paris has been liberated. D day is a major milestone in history. It signaled the beginning of the end of Nazi Germany. D Day began the cold war. And finally changing hope in fighting war. D Day has had one of the biggest impacts in our own Canadian history but how did our ancestors nail down that flag in history?

In the beginning, the invasion plan was an English plan called Roundup, which would move troops to the beach of normandy in the event of a German failure. When the United States entered the war, the idea was remastered as a combined British-American operation to cross the English Gulley and completely get rid of Adolf Hitler’s Atlantic Wall defenses. Roundup had to wait, because of Operation Torch, the British-American invasion of North Africa. After Torch, the Allies began planning Operation Overlord. The allies set target date for May 1, 1944. The Germans however also were coming up with a plan. They knew that the Allies must invade France in order to bring the war into Germany. They thought that the target would be the Pas-de-Calais area which is the narrowest part of the gulley. So Germany set their strongest troops to that area.
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A big gain of ego. Which also meant the Allies were able to move on quickly through Europe and they won the whole war. The base the Allies had in Normandy allowed them to ship men and materials all over europe. This invasion shipped about 1.36 million men into Europe which very quickly beat Germany’s 420,000. On D Day the Germans were being attacked by both sides basically squishing them and cornered which meant they had to eventually surrender. Winning over D Day it was a huge milestone for the allies. After they had made no progress at all for four years then winning this huge date then allowed them to win the
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