Essay On DNA Profiling

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DNA Profiling antithetical to right to privacy.
The ambit of privacy can get to the extent of your saliva, spit or anything from which your DNA can be traced down. These mentioned things are unintentionally thrown by us and definitely abandoned by us without having any idea of its further use. This unintentional act of ours might take us behind the bars or might make us the part of the criminal investigation.
The research project deals with what actually constitute privacy and what is its relation with the DNA Profiling. The DNA Profiling has been emerged as the means of fair trial and means to foster justice. The establishment of DNA Database had helped the government of various countries to solve the crime manifold and the result is also accurate.
It is universally accepted that DNA profiles
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One can deduce that we have the right to privacy but at the same time whether this right can overshadow the public interests involved in the use of DNA Profiling for solving tha cases. Striking the balance between the two must be adopted by the concerned authorities.
So the first thing dealt in this project is what is privacy. Secondly, the establishment of the right of privacy per se as the right. The third part in this project focus on how use of DNA Profiling can be violative of someone’s right to privacy. The fourth thing will be finding how both the ends can be well served. Lastly, the project will be end by the conclusion.
Development of privacy as the right had faced more problems than that of right to life, liberty etc. The problem emerged as to when someone’s privacy had been invaded, what is its content or its area. Whether that area can be defined in a concrete terms and what is falling outside that
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