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8 Daily Habits That Are Damaging Your Kidneys Kidneys are the ones responsible for filtering the toxins from the body and eliminating excess water. Sadly, a lot of people seem to ignore its importance by consistently practicing poor habits that can directly bring negative repercussions to these organs. Kidney disease is a life-threatening one. In fact, kidney disease kills more people than breast or prostate cancer each year. It was reported that over 47,000 Americans died from kidney disease in 2013, and the number continues to grow. Moreover, about 700,000 Americans suffer from kidney failure. Of these, around 500,000 people are seeking treatment through dialysis while approximately 200,000 are still living with a functioning kidney transplant.…show more content…
Experts warn that taking painkillers constantly for a long period of time can decrease blood and diminishes kidney functions. Opting painkillers for something that can be remedied with natural means is also a mistake that many people are guilty of committing. 6. Consuming protein excessively Protein is good, but too much of it isn’t. In fact, eating lots of foods that are rich in protein can impair the kidneys’ normal state. Typically, it is fine to eat protein-rich foods, but go easy on your protein consumption if you have sensitive kidneys. Extreme amount of protein also heightens the metabolic loads. 7. Disregarding flu and colds Many people ignore flu and colds, when they shouldn’t. If you’re still working and going about your day like nothing’s wrong even when you’re sick, you’re putting too much pressure on your body, which can be detrimental for your kidneys. When you’re ill, make sure that you’re resting and taking the proper steps to completely recover. This is the only way you’re doing yourself a favor. Otherwise, you’ll make your illness even worse as you further complicate your medical

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