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When thinking about my drama and dance experience, my dance story starts way before I was even born. I came from a family of dancers, dance teachers and dance company owners. As far as I can think back, there were female and male dancers in my family. My mom used to say that I danced in her stomach, but she was the one who was dancing and I was along for the ride. I grew up at one of the best dance studios in Hamilton that my mom happened to own. I sat there, I slept there, I ate there, well my whole life was there. I started dancing as soon as I could walk and started preforming on stage at the age of 2 and competition in dance competitions at the age of 3. When I started school, I would attend school then be dropped off at the studio and…show more content…
I enjoyed going through high school because i was involved so heavily in sports, dance and drama. I met many wonderful performers and had many great outgoing teachers that made the classes and extra curricular something I still remember today. When transferring over to university, especially such a small university, I felt lost. I started university knowing that I would be joining the dance team, but I quickly realized that would be harder than I thought. The Lakehead dance team had a very different style dancing than I was used to because I was coming from a high level. So, I turned down my position of the dance team and decided it would not be for me. But, I did find another studio in town that I took lessons from, just to keep myself active. Not until my 3rd year of university did I return to the Lakehead dance team and became a member for 2 years. I received a scholarship of 500$ from Lakehead as an exceptional athlete. I also wont Most Valuable Player at the Athletic banquet and then continued as dance team co-captain winning the Leadership award. I then passed my position down to one fo the dancers on the team because of entering professional

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