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Dance in public space

In the context of theatre dance, choreographers have created dance art on stages to be seen by an audience. Now they are researching if dance art in public space can have the same quality, meaning and value. ‘Making Space’ is an example of this research, where they experiment with their surroundings and their relationship with the audience.
By using their surroundings they redefined the space and surprised by giving ordinary objects a new meaning.
If you want to define the reactions of the audience, you have to consider that the performances weren’t in the city centre so there weren’t always a lot of bystanders. Taking into account this select public, you can clearly distinguish 2 sorts.
You have the people that knew
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Luuk Utrecht designed three categories: social, educational and theatre dance. Through history all three occurred but in different measures. In Prehistorian times, you mostly come across social dance because the bond between the people from the community was really important. An example of educational dance can be found in the first schools for dance artists founded by Louis XIV. Nowadays, theatre dance is an important part of society. It’s considered a professional art form, that isn’t only situated on stages but also in public spaces. By putting the dance on a stage, you create a distance between the audience and the performers. The public is just observing and interpreting. When we return to performing in public spaces like in prehistory, we establish an active relationship that gives the opportunity to interact and participate. During history, dance evolved from communication, to entertainment, to performance because the importance of dance in society changed and that influenced who danced and why. Because of outside influences, dance evolved differently in certain parts of the world through time. The perspective on life of a society determines the significance of dance and (this gives) the motivation to
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