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Dance Styles of 1920’s
The 1920’s were a very interesting time period, especially due to the emergence and jazz and dancing with it. Generally when people talked about dancing back in the jazz age, they might think about the exuberant youth dances like the Charleston or Lindy Hop, or the theatrical dances of Fred and Ginger. A common misconception are people assuming all people, regardless of age or ethnicity was dancing the latest fad youth dance of the moment, like the Black Bottom, Collegiate Shag or Lindy Hop (Musings). Dancing during the Roaring Twenties was important because it allegedly helped with women’s liberation. Women found it in there place to dance and it’s surely no coincidence that this was an era obsessed with dancing. From the barefoot ecstasies of Isadora Duncan, whose free, expressive dancing struck a blow against the corseted rigours of classical ballet, to the collective jazzing of the 1920s, dance came to play a surprisingly emblematic role in the story of women’s liberation. In the early 1900s, people saw women accomplish key political gains as well as the right to vote. At the same time, many women of the time were also pushing for another kind of freedom. They were pushing for the right to dress as they chose, and to have more control over their own bodies. Due to all of the success, dancing became a central role in
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The 1920’s alone was an interesting period, but to learn more about how it has evolved is most definitely not a time waster. To start Dance is a form of art, from the music to the culture and the history behind it, dance has been a way people could express themselves for many decades. In the clubs, they did dance contests called marathons, which is when dance until can't dance anymore. In the late 1920s came the tango and the waltz, which still play a role in history today from dance shows like Dancing with the Stars to So You Think You Can Dance.
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