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“The most dangerous foods” Everyone knows that fast food is not the healthiest choice, but did you know some vegetables and foods can be harmful to you? Many Americans are actually clueless about what they put inside their body. Do you know what do you put inside your body? Every day fifty millions of people around the world eat in McDonalds, we can be the exception by changing our diet, drinking more water, and don’t eating at night? We can help our body giving him more vegetables and eating more healthy food. Americans are slowly killing themselves with food. • Bad processed food 1. Pink slime, is used as an additive to bulk up cheap meat (Luke Yoquinto). Found in: hot dogs, burgers. (17 dangerous foods… other countries). 2. Genetically engineered…show more content…
They can create acne (Elea Carey). • Suggestions for a better diet -Prepare more your own meals: it helps because you know what are you eating and you can monitor exactly what goes into your food (Healthy eating). - Calorie free drink: skip the sodas and go for water, unsweet tea or light lemonade (Sarah Montel). - Don’t eat at nighttime: you have to eat early because you are active all day long, and if you eat at night you keep the food (Jennifer Van Allen). -Drink water: it helps flush our systems of wastes products and toxins, it also helps you make healthier choices (Healthy eating). • Summary We learn that eating fast food is not necessarily bad, but when we eat fast food day by day, that is bad for our body. We can change fast food by making our own meals so then we can know what exactly has my food. You can change soda for water, and if you drink two litters (or three) of water per day it also help you to slush the wastes products and toxins. Fast food can affect you in your respiratory system or it can cause depression or addiction. So the results are that you can eat fast food because is delicious! But we can’t eat it regularly because is

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