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Road is the medium way that people use to transport from one side to the other side. Moreover, it’s the public path which anyone in the world can use. So, there are many people who used the road to transport themselves while there are other groups who cause the road become more dangerous from obeying the rule. Dangerous road contains the various problems to make the people who used the road become exhaust. If they know the solution to improve the negative effect of dangerous road, the problems will be reduced. Because there is an increasing rate of dangerous roads, the government need to come up with these steps to reduce the dangerous road. Starting from the serious problem today is dismiss the rule. Once, they used the road, they have to…show more content…
This happens from the habit of each people while there are using the road. From the source, it told that underestimate is the factor which cause to a road become dangerous since drivers didn’t pay attention enough while they’re driving [1]. And the other source, also define that careless can rise the number of dangerous roads in Thailand [2]. In underestimate from driving, Dolporn largely agrees with Supitcha. There are sub-details which are the explanation for underestimate from driving. Initially, there are people who play phone while drive a car. Playing phone reduce a concentration while people are using the road. They play and chat with their friends funnily, but they never attend on the road which they are using. Another one is sleepless before driving. Before driving, they need to rest enough and prepare their health before driving. If they’re not ready to drive, the concentration and eye contact are absolutely decrease which cause to crash with another car easily.
Then, how governments can solve these problems? Everyone need to used the safety road without any risks or chances to make they have any accidents, but it can only prevent only eighty percentage from using the road. They also give the information of using the road to every driver when they’re going to be the one who use the road

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