The Dangers Of Plagiarism Essay

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Dangers of Plagiarism There are many ways to fail a class, the fastest way to throw a career of any sort is to go down the easy path of cheating which comes with many negative consequences. Plagiarism is the act of intended stealing or copying someone’s work without their consent or proper use of citations. The act of plagiarizing is like spending 100 dollars worth of Cheetos with their hard-earned money, while another person just gets them all from a store without charge from stealing. Unfortunately, this may occur at any place, but most commonly at school and at work. Reasons for these may potentially be because of laziness, the strong desire for a good grade, pressure, stress, or simply because they want to take credit of another individual’s work. Plagiarism is a reoccurring thing people are likely to experience throughout their lifetime, but everyone may avoid the situations by proper education about the topic and how to elude from accidental plagiarism. First example of common plagiarism is…show more content…
Namely, it is called Mosaic plagiarism in which, “ a student borrows phrases from a source without using quotations marks” ( ). Mosaic plagiarism can be found on speeches or projects where they would use “bits and pieces” of another person’s work. In which they use partially unoriginal work and not give the owner their rightful recognitions. However, Mosaic plagiarism also occurs when a person, “ finds synonyms for the author’s language while keeping the same general structure and meaning of the original” ( ). Altering someone’s work does not equate an original work, and it is ethically wrong. Students think they are able to get away with using mosaic plagiarism, but they are incorrect because teachers are aware of this and are always on a lookout. However, this can be caused by laziness or from not being knowledgeable at what is considered as
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