The Dark Age

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The word dark is just enough to scare people when it is an adjective of any word. Most of the history books have numerous wrong facts about past ancient civilizations and events. Therefore, it is hard to find the real facts for students or anyone who is interested in history. One the most common historical mistakes is when professors teach Dark Ages. Because, anyone who takes that class would think of how bad people and their lives were. “Dark Age” was not dark or corrupted as much as today’s world. In fact, it was one of the most important ages in human civilization because of the inventions during that time, freedom of people, human rights, peaceful religions, discoveries, and the architecture that carried on to today’s world. One of the…show more content…
But, what in the world is included in this period? There is got to be a question that who named this period? Why? Well, it is not that hard to answer these questions. Because, Dark Age was only affected in Europe as dark because of the church. But, history books name the whole world with same age “Dark Age”. The rest of the world was not Christian. Therefore, no one can claim that the world was like Europe which even Europe was not that bad compared what they invented in arts, philosophy etc. Besides, Islam world had its Golden Age, as history books tell. Dark Age was between 6th and 14th centuries. Islam was not caught in Dark Age at all. In this period, there were numerous inventions that created today’s world technology and knowledge by Islam Golden Age. Ibn Al Haytham had research on finding the light, and he built very first pinhole cameras that has been used many centuries later. Fatima Al Fihri founded the oldest university to date. She was a woman and opened a university that became a center of knowledge in Islam. Coffee, algebra, flight and chemistry were just a few of inventions by Muslims on that time (Ashgar 20107). These facts definitely prove that Dark Age was not really dark. Besides, it was very brilliant that today’s generation could built up. Finally, all these facts about Dark Age; the inventions, art, technology, and ideologies open our minds to see and notice the reality about history that has been taught us very wrong. Plus, when naming an age, it must be considered the whole world. Because, every single person in this Earth shares the same Earth. Thus, history scholars should recheck their knowledge and sources about our unique world. Instead of making us to learn what they want, they must make us to learn the reality, so we can carry on this modern
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