Essay On Dark Tourism

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Dark tourism is a tourism phenomenon which evolves people to be attracted and interested to places associated with death and tragedy. Each site of dark tourism represents an event from past. These places are attractions of different kind of tragedy, where death and pain were occurred. In recent years millions of visitors from all over the world are attracted to sites of death and disaster: Auschwitz in Poland, Pompeii in Italy, Anne Frank House in Netherlands, the Paris catacombs in France, Hiroshima in Japan, The House of terror museum in Hungary, Ground Zero in New York and many other sites associated with suffering and tragedy. The well-known sites of memorial and human tragedy become popular destinations for tourists day by day. An increasing number of tourists participating in dark tourism rises the interest to understand their motivations and factors which push them to go to the sites of death and disaster. And while the scope of dark tourism sites is difficult to identify because many of dark tourism sites do not even offer commercial tours, gift shops or other goods and services, the number of dark tourists is rising globally.…show more content…
It has an important role in delivering the information from the past to present. I believe that further studies on this subject can help in a better understanding of travellers’ behaviour, motivations that rule them when they visit dark tourism sites. Motivation is one of many contributing factors which can explain tourists demand. In order to understand consumers’ behaviour in relation to tourism products and services, it is crucial to understand what motivates consumers and the effects that these motivations have on the consumer decision making process. It is hard to say what makes people to travel to sites of death and tragedy but survey, literature review and statistical data will help to identify those
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