Essay On Data Loss

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Summary – True! Data loss is a serious problem, and everyone should be prepared to deal with it; no matter whether an individual, or businesses of small, medium, or large size. This article is a go through of data loss conditions, causes of data loss occurrence, prevention, methods to overcome its repercussions; and most importantly the way to get back all lost data so that ultimately there’s no data loss caused to the proprietor. Of course, restoring the backup is one of the many ways to recover data that is lost. However, data recovery software and services are suggested as more effective resolutions to the severe difficulty of data loss, especially when there is no backup created for the data items. Body - Data has always been one of the most significant assets of businesses as well as individuals, and not just in these days. The only difference that has occurred in the recent past is the mode in which it is saved. Nowadays, the world has been taken over by digitization and hence the data are mostly stored in the digitized format in digital storage devices or online in the cloud. Individuals store data on their PCs or laptops, whereas enterprises store it on…show more content…
Bugs in software, such as not approving a file delete command, business failure wherein data is stored with a software vendor using Software-as-a-service and SaaS data escrow can also be the cause. Data corruption such as corruption in the file system or database corruption; natural disasters such as earthquake, flood, fire, tornado, etc. are additional causes of data loss. Virus attacks and attacks by other malicious codes can also cause loss of data. Last but not the least, crimes such as data theft, theft of storage media, hacking, sabotage also result in data
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