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For my deaf community experience project, I chose to have a silent dinner with my family. This is a deaf community experience because it makes you understand what it is like to not be able to hear or communicate with one another. I think that it is also a deaf community experience for what it is like growing up deaf in a hearing family, or hearing in a deaf family. At the dinner, there was me, my older brother, my younger brother, my dad, my dad’s girlfriend, my grandmother, and my grandfather. There was a little bit of mouthing, mainly from my little brother, throughout the dinner, but otherwise it was silent. This opened mine, and my whole family's eyes to what it feels like to be deaf and not have a form of communication with family.

This was a deaf community experience because it made me realize what it would be like
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I was thinking about how only twenty five percent of hearing parents with deaf children sign, and it feels much more realistic and personal now that that’s what we had to go through for only one night. I think that families should do silent dinners more often because it makes you appreciate having all your senses more, and it is interesting to watch people find a way to communicate without words, mouthing, whispering, or writing anything.
For my deaf community experience project, my family had a silent dinner to see what it would be like for a deaf person in a hearing family or a hearing person in a deaf family. We mainly used indexing, and waving as our form of communication. From the information learned in class, I used indexing, facial expressions, and non-manual signs the most because no one would understand if I was signing. The silence was very different compared to our normal dinners in multiple ways. I would definitely do this again, and I have learned a lot just from one hour of being
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