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I attended and volunteered for the Mardi Gras Party hosted by the Metro Washington Association of the Deaf-Blind (MWADB). The event was held on February 27 from 6:00 pm- 9:30 pm, in the Jordan Student Academic Center- Multi-purpose Room located on Gallaudete University's campus. This was the first MWADB event, I have attended. There was food, music, mask making, and great company. The event was genuinely enjoyable, and a great experience. I felt a bit nervous at first, but as the night went on I felt more comfortable. I meet many different Deafblind individuals throughout the night. I was faced with a variety of learning opportunities through different forms of communication methods. It was really interesting that each Deafblind individual used different communication methods . I also discovered that each Deafblind individual used SSPs and other assistive technologies in a variety if ways. The first Deafblind person I meet was Randy. Randy has tunnel vision, meaning he has no peripheral vision. He uses mostly Pro tactile signing, which is a communication method I never used previously. I have learned about it in our Deafblind class, but Randy helped me interpret how it worked in a real conversation. How you need to make sure your…show more content…
Everyone was welcoming and happy to see a new face joining in the festivities. I felt that I learned and discovered many things I would never learn in a classroom setting. Such as, using balloons for Deafblind individuals to experience the vibrations of music, or that despite varying communication methods and levels communication is still achieved between all. Another thing I noted was that everyone seemed to always be huddled in one section of the room which is opposite of deaf culture were conversation can be held at a distance, the Deafblind community seems to keep too close quarters. I am extremely happy I attended a MWADB event, and hope to go to future

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